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Supporting Healthy Lives for Men of Color

On yesterday, I was delighted to fly out to Houston attend the kick-off for one of my charities of choice’s Healthy Man Health Fair tour!

Individuals Providing a Positive Presence, Inc. (IPPP)—501(c)(3) nonprofit that supports communities of philanthropy where people are encouraged to provide a positive presence in the global community through local actions—will conduct a series of Healthy Man Health Fair in six (6) cities across the country over the next 12-18 months. These cities include Houston, Nashville, Atlanta, Detroit, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

Each Healthy Man Health Fair will engage local service providers to provide free health screenings support services and service linkage to the public. The organizers have connected with local chapters of national organizations such as the American Cancer Society and American Heart Association to provide health education to participants. The target population of event attendees are African American and Hispanic men 18 years and older, but will be open to all to people to attend and receive services.

IPPP’s primary objective is for each participant to leave the Healthy Man Health Fair with:

A baseline assessment of their health status and risk factors.
 Scheduled appointments and/or contact with health care providers for follow-up.
 Increased knowledge of local service providers and other resources in their communities.
 Increased knowledge of useful tips and tools for improving their overall health.

Through this initiative, IPPP is showing its commitment to helping men of color reduce their risk of preventable, life-threatening diseases and providing tools for men to take charge of their health. It’s for this reason that urban metropolitan areas are the organization’s primary focus for the tour: urban metros possess large African American and Hispanic populations; a disproportionate number of low-income families, medically underserved neighborhoods, as well as a vast network of community-based organizations to partner with.

Check out some video from the event below:

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